ADA/Nat Conversion Project in Final (UAT) Phase

26 January 2012

Significant ADABAS/NATURAL to RDBMS/JAVA modernization project is in the final (UAT) phase

FreeSoft and its customer are getting now to the final phase of a momentous legacy modernisation project for an Adabas/Natural application including over 20.000 Natural objects including 9.500 programs with 5M LoC and 8.000 MAPs.

Nordic IT company Advania, formerly known as Skyrr implements "NIM" ADABAS T/P Monitor

24 January 2012

We are pleased to announce that the Nordic IT company Advania, formerly known as Skyrr, has now, after a period of intensive and rigorous quality assurance testing, fully implemented our Teleprocessing Monitor “NIM” (Natural Interactive Monitor) as an alternative to IBM’s CICS at it’s Icelandic computer centre.

Project Manager Karl Olafsson, told us that given the rising demand by the business to reduce costs without impairing efficiency, they had looked at number of scenarios that would help to directly influence the “Bottom Line”.

Examining options, they had right away been able to identify very significant 5-figure annual cost savings by swapping out their T/P monitor software. However their overriding concern was not to allow any possible de-stabilisation of their high transaction environment and in particular to avoid any risk of client service level interruption/degradation.

Drawing on the experience of previous CCA/Blenheim customers who had made the same choice, they decided that, although all advice was really positive, they would carry out their own strict evaluation process and back this up with live parallel trials over the entire gamit of their service portfolio.

07/12/11 Karl e-mailed us as follows:

“Just to inform you we have now turned off our last CICS region and NIM has taken over. There are still one or two open issues we need to work on but I have to say that we are quite happy with NIM and it is working and performing even better than expected ! ”

Advania: The company has a staff of over 1,100 professionals in four countries and offers extensive IT services to over 100,000 customers.

Advania has operations in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Latvia.

It is currently Iceland’s largest provider of software solutions and development, IT consulting, hosting and data center operations.

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