Enterprise Cryptography and Security Management

Advanced Software Products Group, Inc. has provided the z/OS & OS/390 Mainframe community with cutting edge software solutions, support and services since 1986.

With a worldwide network of support, including active partnerships with IBM™ and Microsoft™, ASPG remains a leader in the optimisation of data centre performance.

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MegaCryption - Enterprise Cryptography for z/OS, WIN, UNIX & LINUX

MegaCryption provides an OpenPGP non-proprietary, cost-effective approach to encrypting critical data at rest and in motion.

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CryptoMon - ISPF Cryptographic Key Manager

ISPF Cryptographic Key Manager. Provides a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at your data center’s mainframe cryptography.

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ReACT - Enterprise Password Reset & Synchronization

Self-service password reset tool that virtually eliminates password related calls to the Help Desk, saving time and money.

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ERQ - Automated RACF Administration and Reporting

Easy RACF Query

ERQ is an automated RACF administration & reporting utility that is simple, powerful, and best of all, inexpensive! ERQ is ISPF driven. With the push of a key, reports may be produced, RACF commands may be automatically generated, and ‘clean-up’ tasks may be streamlined – with little or no training necessary. Extensive field help messages guide the user through the product. In Addition, ERQ enables RACF analysts to create their own custom RACF applications using a set of straightforward ISPF services.

Generic Systems Management Software Offerings

Providing a global view of your resource performance and utilisation.

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SMFUTIL / SMFVIEW — SMF Data Management

SMFUTIL can reduce the dump & clear time by up to 70%

SMFUTIL is the SMF data management and movement utility that S390 installations around the world are utilizing to automate their SMF processing. SMFUTIL combines speed with extreme flexibility and versatility in the handling of SMF data. It greatly enhances the availability and accessibility of SMF data while reducing the resources required to process this large, yet valuable data source. It eliminates the need to write and maintain special purpose SMF processing routines.

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The Info Suite: Info/CPU - Info/DASD – InfoTAPE

As a suite or individually, the Info products provide a global view of your resource performance and utilization.

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