Blenheim, based near Heathrow in the Thames Valley, was established over 15 years ago with a focus on the ADABAS market in the UK mainframe community. Today almost all active UK ADABAS sites use our software services.

We are also World-Wide distributors for “PEEK” our ADABAS File Browser/Editor from ByteZone, Australia for which we boast customers across Europe, The Americas and elsewhere.

Today Blenheim stands at the beginning of a new expansionist phase, forming new partnerships with software companies from Hungary and Florida, bringing forward an innovative portfolio of products and services for the IBM Mainframe market.

We specialise in marketing and technical support services, delivered to overseas software houses and thanks to more than a decade’s experience, you can be confident of our accumulated knowledge and reliability. We have used our expertise to help countless clients’ transition smoothly when implementing new technology. Our tailored solutions can help you do the same.

Located near Windsor